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Common SEO problems with internet marketing in Dubai

There is no perfect definition of what is the best SEO practice. It is a series of best practices to optimize your website to impress search engines and rank higher in SERPs. Google keeps updating its algorithm and you must stay abreast with the latest trends. Although no one knows what exactly is Google algorithm in 2020, certain SEO mistakes are there to lower your rankings for sure. Read on to know common SEO mistakes highlighted by experts in internet marketing in Dubai.

1. Indexation issues

Indexing pages always doesn’t mean that Google will rank your pages higher. There can be many indexation issues which you can find out using Google Search Console. In its error column, you can check out for 404, DNS, robot txt instructions and other errors that are preventing the indexing of the pages.
Other reasons include no-index tag added to pages which prevents search engines from crawling. But, sometimes Google crawls the pages despite noindex tag, which is another SEO issue because this can hamper overall search results you expect.
So, you must conduct a comprehensive website SEO audit and audit Google’s index of your site. It will help you better understand which pages should or shouldn’t be indexed. Auditing every month will aid in tracking crawling issues. Aside from that, keep an eye on Google’s best practices and make sure your entire site is tuned with it.

2. Targeting the same keywords

Google’s algorithm is changing day by day and keyword stuffing is an age-old trick that is a big SEO sin in 2020. If you have the same type of keywords spread throughout your website content, it leads to keyword cannibalization.

It simply confuses Google as to which page to rank. The results include ranking pages that are not in your priority list or decreasing the rank of all the web pages containing similar keywords. How can you avoid this SEO blunder?
You can simply merge similar content on different web pages or you can delete content stuffed with keywords that is no more relevant to your products or services. Besides, the search engine might rank the linked content higher. So work hard on your internal linking and prioritize desired content, which will give a positive signal to the search engine results page. These steps are part of the best SEO in Dubai that will simplify your search engine optimization and boost rank.

3. Localization issues

Do you have many multiple languages on your website? Well, that’s a great help for foreign users visiting your site. But, if you are not setting up HREFLang on your website, besides the right URL structure for localized text, then you may still fail to reach international customers.
So, do not just rely on translating keywords. Instead, use a native qualified translator or an SEO expert to use the appropriate local keyword for different cultures. Use the domain name that is specific for a country or region and let your target audience discover you easily. It will help you rank higher on the local market.
Besides, you need high-quality content for every single language considering tone, correct text, and style along with appropriate images/graphics in the right format and size. Make sure to build correct links to generate more clicks.

4. Poor Backlinks

Have you fixed all the technical issues on your site? Do you have valuable and SEO optimized content? Do you have a strong internal linking structure? If yes, then you have won half the battle! Now the only factor that can hamper your site ranking is backlinks.
Too many links from sites that are spammy or have poor DA is a futile link building method. The same will be the case if you’re spending too much money on buying links. The latest Google algorithm demands you to oblige to the best SEO practices and not simply beating your competitors in terms of backlinks.
Compare your site with sites having high domain authority, quality backlinks and a high rank on SERPs. Now you can upgrade your site with must-have elements that are lacking in it.

5. Page speed and mobile-friendly

A website that has low page speed and is not mobile-friendly contributes to low ranking. This is 2020 and people want things to happen at lightning fast at the click of a button. If your website takes too much time loading while your customer is desperately looking for a product or service to buy, you are sure to lose the SEO game.

Again, if your website does not adjust to mobile, tablet or laptop users, your customer will land on a page with poor image quality and content difficult to zoom in and out. As per the latest Google algorithm, sites with AMP format can rank higher. This format will give mobile users a fast and engaging experience and allow the search engine to crawl and index without hassle.

You can use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and other Google app for checking and removing page speed and navigation issues on mobile. Also optimize your code, images, take care of redirects, CDN and so on to get through.

Wrap Up

With changing Google algorithm, knowing and implementing SEO best practices has become a massive headache. You might not be an SEO king and that’s okay. But the above-mentioned SEO issues are too common! Many SEO experts and various digital marketing companies in Dubai, have reported time and again that these SEO issues are blunder and ruin your rankings. Avoid these common mistakes to improve your SEO results.
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